My Newest Obsession

I used to spend a large portion of my free time unwinding in front of the TV but I’ve found that I’m spending less and less time each week doing that. Instead I’ve poured a lot more of my time into reading books. I’ve always enjoyed reading and to me it’s a very intimate experience sitting down with a book and blocking out everything around you.


I’ve owned a Kindle since 2009 and it’s reading digital books is my preferred method of enjoying a book. I’ve since purchased an iPad Mini and an iPhone so I’m able to read the book on any of those three devices and it syncs between all three of them. If I have a few spare minutes while waiting to pick up the kids I can open up the Kindle app on my phone and squeeze in a chapter or two. The bulk of my reading is now done on my iPad.

The one downside to the Kindle was always the cost of the books. They are relatively cheap in comparison to physical books (most Kindle books retail for $9.99) but as documented before, I am a bit of a cheapskate. I couldn’t justify spending $50+ per month on books. I don’t know why I have that hang up because I’ll easily pay that amount to go to the movies or go out for cocktails. I don’t want to discuss much money I spend on the cable TV bill each month.

What’s spurred this latest book kick on has been the ability to get library books on my Kindle. The books are loaned out for two weeks at a time and you can’t beat the price (free!).

I purchased a library membership for $25 where we vacation and that fee has more than paid for itself. That library seems to always have the books I’m interested in reading available for download. I also belong to my county library but the availability of books isn’t as good as from our vacation destination. My county library has the same selection of books but there’s a lot more people taking advantage of the loan system so I often have to go onto a waiting list to grab what I want. I’m not a waiting list kind of guy.

Over the past five weeks I’ve read five novels. I’m currently in the midst of the 6th one and I have to admit, I really do look forward to unwinding a bit each night to get a little further along in each story. Thus far I’ve only read fiction. I’m contemplating whether I should venture into non-fiction but at this point I’m happy enjoying the suspense of a good novel.

I recently bought a 2nd Kindle to read on the beach. We were getting ready to go on vacation and our Kindle was missing in action. Although we have iPads, nothing beats a Kindle when it comes to reading outside. I don’t know how they do it by there is never any glare and the words are crystal clear. I bought the cheapest version that Amazon offers, a $69 ad supported Kindle. It does the job perfectly. As soon as the new Kindle arrived we found the old one. Go figure.

$69 Kindle

Because we had a spare Kindle sitting around my youngest child (BT) wanted to start reading on the device. His latest obsession is the Percy Jackson series, which is an advance reading level for his age. We’ve grabbed his books through the library as well. As a parent, there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a child turn off the TV and get wrapped up in a book.

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  1. I enjoy reading ebooks and paperbooks. I borrow audiobooks from my library to listen to when I’m driving or cleaning the house. It’s great. -RB Austin

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