Being an Introvert

It’s funny how different people unwind in different ways. Extroverts generally need to be around others to unwind. Introverts need time alone. Mrs. Mac is in category #1, I fall into category #2.

Both of us struggle with this concept because our definitions of decompressing are completely opposite. When Mrs. Mac finishes something stressful, her first impulse is to get a gaggle of friends together and go somewhere. When I need to unwind, I’m content to sit in my easy chair and read or diddle around on the computer. I’m not sure if being polar opposites is good or bad for a married couple?


Today happens to be a great day for me. I took the day off as the beginning of our upcoming family vacation. Mrs. Mac took the kids to see the Taylor Swift concert while I stayed home by myself. Some would think that I got the wrong end of the stick but I disagree.

Once we went through the prep of getting the tailgate set up for Mrs. Mac and the kids, I found myself alone at two in the afternoon. I decided to take a nice 90 minute walk while listening to a couple of podcasts on my iPhone and then filling in with some music once the podcasts were finished.

I came back and made some dinner for myself and then hopped onto the computer to do a little internet surfing and then some blogging. Once I post this, I have the balance of my evening set up as a date with my Kindle and a few Heineken’s (My current read is Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol). Some might find that to be a boring night but I’m enjoying myself.

Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy being around people. I’m a relatively social person although sometimes I struggle with engaging people in small talk. I’m not one of those people that needs to just hear myself talk. I’m content to sit in silence. I just find myself getting tired when spending too much time with others. It’s work to focus and concentrate on the conversations that take place.

How about you?

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