My Weight Loss Success

I wanted to share the success story of my weight loss. Today (July 17, 2013) is the 100 day mark of my journey.

On April 8, 2013 I made the decision that I wanted to drop 30 pounds. On that date I weighed in at 205 pounds and I had an appointment with my doctor in 30 days. I knew he was going to yell at me about my weight and I was pretty certain that my blood pressure reading was going to be too high.

I made the decision to follow the Weight Watchers Points Plus Plan. I went with this option because fruits and vegetables are point free, meaning that they don’t count against your daily allotment of points to eat. I figured I would eat the hell out of fruits and veggies to make sure that I didn’t go hungry at any point. I think the Weight Watchers plan makes the most sense out of all the plans out there. It doesn’t prevent you from eating a particular type of food (carbs, fats, etc). It doesn’t require you to purchase special food or change the foods that you regularly eat. The program focuses on helping you make smarter choices on what you put into your body.

In keeping with my cheapskate nature, I didn’t want to pay for the Weight Watchers program. I figured I could found some sort of iPhone app that would track what I ate. I did a quick search online and I found an App in the Apple Store called iTrack Bites for $2.99. It’s also available for Android.


In a move to avoid copyright and trademark infringement, the app tracks “bites” in place of “points”. You keep track of everything that you eat and assign it a “bites” (points) value. It provides a basic lookup tool to help you assign points to different foods but Google did a great job of filling in where it may have lacked. I also made the decision to exercise in companion with the reduction in food.

The weight came off quickly:

  • 8.7 lbs in the first 7 days
  • 18.3 lbs in the first 30 days (just in time for the visit with Dr. Miller)
  • 29.1 lbs in the first 60 days
  • 34.1 lbs in the first 90 days

I weighed in this morning at 169.1 lbs, which is over 35 lbs down from where I started.

The weight loss has slowed down over the past 45 days and I’m ok with that. I’ve gotten below my target goal and although I’d like to get down to 165 lbs (the weight I was at in 1999 when I started at my current job) it’s not a huge priority. I do need to step being fanatical with the process. Mrs. Mac has mentioned that I’m getting a little freaky with my obsession. I’ve gotten to the point where I will continue to track what I’m eating but that’s to make sure I don’t start going in the other direction. I should enjoy some of the old favorites I’ve given up (chicken wings, donuts, and red meat) but I know enough now not to overindulge on those items.

The key now is to maintain and continue my exercise habit. I just did the math and I’ve logged 230.88 miles in the past 100 days according to my MapMyRun account.

The one regret is that I haven’t shared exactly how I did this with anyone. I felt embarrassed to tell people I was following Weight Watchers or that I’ve been tracking my intake. I know Mrs. Mac will be pissed off at me when I finally let it slip. I don’t know why I struggle with these type of situations.

It really is stupid.

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