Guess Who’s Back?

I’ve pondered the concept of keeping a journal for ages. I’ve had runs of writing and then stopping because it takes too much effort. I love the concept of keeping a journal but when all is said and done I guess I lack the discipline to follow through.

I’m revisiting the concept of a journal based on a free app that I downloaded, Day One. I thought the app would help me keep up to date because its on my iPhone and it would be convenient to use. Once I embraced the idea it began to dawn on me that I had a WordPress blog (which you’re reading) that accomplishes the same task. It’s just as easy to use the WordPress app on my iPhone/iPad as the Day One app. The other advantage to using the blog is that I can update from my computer or via email. I don’t have that option with Day One. I would need to buy a $9.99 app to use it on my Mac and I would have no access from a PC.

The key to making this new run of journaling stick is to make it less of an effort to produce. The entries will be smaller (less than 300 words) but hopefully with a lot more frequency. I hope to incorporate more photos with expanded captions to help with the process. My goal is to chronicle my thoughts and goals as well as my daily actions.

I also want to couple the journaling on this blog with my family blog, which chronicles our family activity. I need to post to that blog with more frequency because that blog is a gift that I can leave to the kids to give them a history of their childhood.

The two blogs serve separate functions. One is my public persona to share with others while this one is focused on my private thoughts. Lets see how this process goes.

I’ve been listening to Ed Dale’s Walking With Larry Podcast and he’s spent a lot of time discussing the importance of keeping a streak going, no matter what the process you are trying to establish. Lets see if I can follow his example with my personal blogging.

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