Good Bye Dear Friend

I am a huge fan of Twitter as documented in this post. It has been my go to source for news and easily the app that is used most on my cell phone. I am a bit of a news junkie and I love getting the news as it happens delivered to me in 140 characters or less.

I love the inside view that Twitter provides, you get to see a little bit of the story behind the story. I have columnists I love to follow and it’s cool getting a look at some of the behind the scenes conversations that Twitter provides. There’s something perversely fun about watching journalists from two different periodicals giving each other a tough time about something they wrote–usually in jest. It’s also fun taking a peek into the lives of celebrities who also post what they are up to.

Over the past few days I’ve been looking for ways to free up some of my time to do more productive things. I am looking to change the status quo and make some significant changes in my life. Part of that evaluation was taking a look at the amount of time I spent on my cell phone and ways that I could cut it back.

In analyzing that time, it occurred to me that I spent well over an hour per day following my Twitter stream. I love getting tidbits of news as they occur but I it was tough to come to the realization that I was going through a lot of excess noise to get the information I really wanted. In almost every case, the news I’m looking for on Twitter can also be found with an RSS feed that goes into my Google Reader account (where I also spend at least 30 minutes per day).

In evaluating the two platforms of news delivery, I think switching all of my feeds over to my Google Reader account is my most time efficient. Instead of reading through a time line to sift out the news I’m looking for, I can go to the Reader account and breeze through the headlines once or twice per day. I think this move will free up some extra time for me.

The next difficult decision ahead is trimming back my Facebook feed and deleting some friends. This Twitter decision has been a tough one for me and I’m not ready to go completely radical with my social media. Let’s see how this one works out first.

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