Where Did the Time Go?

I just had an “oh crap” moment over the past few days. My oldest child, my son, just turned 15 the other day and I realized that within the next 3 years he’s no longer going to be in my house every night. Where the hell did all of that time go?

When you hear people say that the time goes quickly it’s really hard to fathom what it is they’re telling you. You say you will be more aware of what’s going on and you won’t have the same regrets as older parents you know. The issue is that you are so immersed in the day to day activity that’s going on around you and it feels like your time is always at a premium. You can’t see the forest in spite of the trees (as the saying goes).

I still remember my oldest being a little dude and looking up to the two of us. Everything we did and everything we said was cool. There was a time that we were the center of his universe. I’ve got an 8 year old son as well and he adores us completely. He’s still at that stage where his parents aren’t stupid and it’s a little sad knowing the end of those days isn’t too far away.

It’s been weird watching my oldest get more independent over the past few years and he’s almost gotten to the point where he no longer needs us (unless he needs some cash). We’ve spent a ton of time together doing things but I feel like I may have let some things pass by.

I know it’s a part of parenthood to watch your kids mature in front of your eyes but I am struggling coming to terms with it. He’s turning into a fine young man and I love when people tell us what a nice son we have. From a jealous point of view, I liked when my oldest was dependent on us and it’s very weird knowing that we’re coming to an end of his childhood.

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