Another Blog to Check Out

Today’s post is a follow up to yesterday’s post on a blog I enjoy following. I’m not one to push readers away from my site but when I find something worth sharing I feel obliged to do so. Someone who read my post sent me an email suggesting I check out a blog titled Zen Habits, written by Leo Babauta. Boy am I glad I did.

Holy smokes, what a site! I was impressed by the content as well as everything I read about the author. As a quick warning, be prepared to lose track of time once you get there. I found myself clicking link after link of motivational writing.

The link I’m sharing with you sends you to the “Beginner’s Guide” to navigating the blog.

Here’s a quick overview of the author. Babuata is a 38 year old father of 6 children and the blog tells his story. He’s a self published author and his blog has an enormous following with over 210,000 people subscribed to it. His first post to the site was February 1, 2007 and the growth of the site has been tremendous. Time Magazine named Zen Habits one of their Top 25 Blogs in both 2009 and 2010.

The subjects that Zen Habits covers are all encompassing. It deals with weight loss, nutrition, diet, organization, parenting, motivation, simplifying, eliminating debt, being more frugal, getting things done and finding happiness. It’s very personal, revealing and full of honesty. Babuata doesn’t just tell you what he thinks you should be doing, he practices what he preaches and he shares the results of his journey with you.

I’m not exactly sure what the aim of my blog is. It’s a work in progress and I’m not really sure what I’m trying to accomplish. Heck, I’m not even comfortable in revealing my name and true identity just yet. I do know that if I could accomplish 1/10 of what Babuata has done with Zen Habits that I would be a really happy guy.

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