Mother’s Day

I am not a big fan of most of Hallmark inspired holidays but you would have to be crazy if you didn’t think Mother’s Day was a date that should be celebrated. I have been blessed to have the world’s most wonderful mother and I think my children are equally blessed.

Being a mom really is a thankless job. It’s expected that mom’s will to drop everything to make sure their children are taken care of. It doesn’t matter if they’re dealing with their newborn child in the middle of the night or their 35 year old struggling through their marriage, mom will come to the rescue or make things happen. Dad’s are more inclined to tell their children no. They tend to lean towards tough love and letting their kids work to get what they want. Mom’s don’t like to go that route. They want everything to be perfect for their children. They fight for their children and do everything they can to make sure they get what they should.

Mom’s are the one’s that sit down to play with play dough, mom’s are the one’s that make sure the Easter eggs get colored. Mom will be the one that sits down to color with you or to play the 38th consecutive game of Go Fish. It’s mom who always makes sure that all the details are attended to, whether it’s at a party or trying to put together an event.

Take a moment today to let your mom know how important they are. I’m very lucky in that I got to spend the day with both my mom and my bride and I made it a point to let them know how special they are to me. Both of them never cease to amaze me with their commitment to their children and they both make me feel I can offer so much more to family life than I currently do.

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