I Don’t Like It

One thing my wife does that drives me up a tree is she has this amazing habit of telling everyone she’s ready to go and then somehow finding a way to take another 5 minutes to do whatever she’s doing. She can go back for another look in the mirror, she can start looking for some sort of item that we need for the trip and she’s managed to misplace, or she could just decide to hop on the house phone and make a quick call. It’s very frustrating to get the whole crew out the door and into the car before we realize that Mrs. Mac is still going to be a few more minutes.

We’ve been married for just shy of 17 years now and we’ve been together close to 20. You would think at some point in that period of time that I would start to come to grips with it and just become accepting of it. For whatever reason I’ve been stubborn to accept it but in looking back I am now just realizing how much time and energy I’ve wasted getting upset about it. Why am I wasting my time and energy on it? It’s silly.

From now on I’m just going to accept it’s going to happen. I’m not happy about it and it goes against my principles of being on time, but I’ve decided I’m going to find a way to come to grips with it. I love my wife to death and I couldn’t be any luckier to have her in my life but this behavior drives me up a tree. It makes me feel like my time is not important and it doesn’t seem to matter to her that the four of us are hanging around waiting for her to grace her with her presence.

From now on I’m not heading towards the car until she’s on her way to the garage. The kids are older now and it’s not as much of a project to get everyone into the car like it used to be. I won’t get stressed out and watch my blood pressure elevate.

Since she doesn’t seem to have any urgency to make a change, I’m going to commit to making the change on my end. My level of expectation needs to change; I think once I become comfortable with it my stress levels will drop tremendously. Let’s see how well I can do.

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