When I Was Younger…

When I was a kid, I remember I always wanted to be some sort of professional athlete. As I got a wee bit older (pre-teen), I realized I didn’t have what it took athletically to make it and I started looking at some other sports related jobs. At various points I pictured myself as a play-by-play announcer, a sports writer, and also an umpire.

If I had followed any of those dreams through I’m not really sure how well things would have turned out. Sports are still my big passion and if I had to tabulate the amount of hours per year I spend on watching various events and reading stories online I would probably get quite depressed at the amount of time I essentially piss away.

The one down side to any of the jobs mentioned above is the amount of time spent traveling and away from the house. I don’t travel much in my current position but I know I don’t enjoy being away from my wife and kids for an extended period of time. The road can get lonely and talking to someone on the phone just isn’t the same as seeing them throughout the course of a day.

I’m certain I would have found professional happiness in any of those jobs. After all, how cool would it be to get paid for doing work when you would happily watch it for free?

I never could have dreamed of doing what I do now when I was a kid. It would have never registered on my radar & if it had I would have dismissed it as too boring. Although my job lacks a lot of excitement, it provides a steady income and allows me to be involved with my family on a daily basis.

I really value how involved I am with my kids on a daily basis. You can’t put a dollar amount on the joy I take in coaching them, sitting down to dinner, going out for ice cream, or just hanging around in the back yard having a catch. When I take family life into consideration, I don’t know if I’d be any happier with one of those “dream jobs” than I am today.

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