Keeping Healthy

Keeping healthy is not something I’ve always stayed on top of. I haven’t traditionally been one to watch what I eat and I’m lucky that I happen to possess a strong metabolism. I went through most of my life eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.

When I turned 30 I found out that I had high blood pressure and I had to start taking medication to deal with it. I started making slight adjustments to the foods I was eating. I also tried to incorporate a regular exercise regimen but I’ve struggled off and on with making that happen. I’ve never been a consistent exerciser; I’ll go hard core for 6-8 weeks and then I feel entitled to take an extended break.

I recently stepped on the scale in early March and I was at my record weight (205 lbs). I’m 6’2″ so not too many people notice me as being heavy. Having to look at myself in the mirror each day I arrived at a different opinion. It got to the point where I decided I need to start watching what I eat.

I’ve switched to a diet really heavy in veggies and fruit. I eat as many of them as I want throughout the day. The more the merrier. My main lunch is a bag of salad loaded with tomatoes and other veggies. By loading up on veggies and fruit I don’t find myself very hungry at any point of the day. When I do eat something that doesn’t fall into the veggie/fruit category, I make sure I eat one serving (no going back for seconds).

I also make it a point to fit in a 45 minute exercise at some point each day. I would love to get to the point that I could run that long every day, but I’m not sure that’s so realistic. For now I’ve focused on walking at a very brisk pace. I would also like to start incorporating sit ups and push ups into my routine. What the hell, it wouldn’t hurt to look somewhat toned when I take my shirt off at the beach?

I’ve been able to stick to this plan for approximately six weeks now, and my weight has dipped down to 189 pounds. That’s a 16 pound drop and I would love to take another 15 off. That’s our target, 175 pounds.

I’ve got my annual physical at the end of May and I would love to hear my doctor tell me how well I’m progressing. Heck, I might even be able to scale back my blood pressure meds.

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