3 Things I Have No Patience For

Here are my three biggest pet peeves:

1. Lateness~It drives me up a wall when people are consistently late.  In my mind when someone shows up late for something they are letting you know that the event isn’t a top priority in their life.  I understand that stuff happens (traffic, etc.) but people who are late always seems to be habitual offenders.

2. Negativity~This one trait consumes people.  They are so convinced that events will transpire against them that they usually find a way to make that exact thing happen. Nothing positive in this world has ever came from negative thought.  If you look at the most successful people out there the one common trait that each of them possess is the ability to have a positive outlook on everything.

3. Complaining~This one ties in with negativity but so many people waste so much time complaining about stuff.  There comes a point in life where you just need to accept what has happened and deal with making it better.  As I’ve always said, “what’s done is done.”  You can’t change something that’s happened; instead of complaining just get off your ass and try to fix it.

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