21 Year Old Mac Versus 41 Year Old Mac

It’s amazing how experience ends up shaping our lives.

I remember being a young guy just out of college and how I was so sure about myself.  I thought I knew everything and good luck to you if you felt you could impart some wisdom to me.  I knew it all and I didn’t need anyone’s help or advice to help me out. I simply made my decision and never really looked back.  If I ended up being wrong, I accepted it and tried to rectify things as best I could.

Man Thinking

Fast forward to today and I find my self constantly questioning if I know all the facts I need to have in order to make the right decisions.  Before making those decisions, I make it a point to ask advice from other people (generally older or who have gone through a similar experience) to see what their thoughts are on that subject.

I draw on some of the other experiences or decisions I’d made earlier in my life.  I do a lot of research online to see how the general community reacts/responds to the situation.  I wade through all of these processes before finally making that big decision.

That 21 year old kid is a big part of who I am today, and I’m sure if I look back in another 20 years I’m sure I’ll still think that the current version of me was still pretty naive. I guess that’s a part of life, we’re constantly learning and evolving.  Sadly, it often takes failure for us to really learn some of life’s lessons.

One thing I know for sure is that the current version of me makes a lot better decisions than that younger version.

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