Back to School

One thing that looks like it’s never going to happen for me is going back to school.  I’ve often thought about it but I’ve never pulled the trigger.

I wasn’t far from starting after my MBA a few years back.  I put my request in with my supervisors (who would pay for the education) to see if I could chase my MBA online through the University of Phoenix.  I researched it thoroughly and it was the best fit for me.  My bachelor’s degree is not in business so other programs would have required a ton of other classes before I could start the MBA courses.

My company was more than willing to foot the bill for me, but not with an online program.  They wanted me to enroll in a traditional setting which just didn’t fit my schedule.  My hopes were to take an online course and work on my schoolwork at nights after the kids were in bed or early in the morning while the house was quiet.

I wanted to spend my nights eating dinner with the family or coaching my children’s sports teams, not in the classroom after work.  Looking back in hind sight, I’m comfortable with the decision I made.

The only scenario I can see where I go back to school is if I came into a significant windfall (like say the lottery?) which would eliminate my bills.  If that was the case, I would love to go back to school to become certified as a teacher.  I just think it’s such a noble profession and I love working with kids.

The problem is that I couldn’t afford the pay cut at this point in time.  School and college tuition for the kids is going to be a big nut for us over the next 15 years (uugh!) so we need every dollar we can get.

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