Thoughts of Writing a Book

I came across this great story about a lady in Minnesota who has three of her books listed in the USA Today top 50 list of best sellers.  What makes her story amazing is that she doesn't have a publishing deal with a major company; instead she's self-published her material digitally and sold it through online books retailers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
Her name is Amanda Hocking, and she's used the power of social media to become a best selling author.  She's used her blog, Facebook and Twitter profiles to help get the word out about her writing and the results have been staggering.  On top of her self-promotion she's also gotten to the point where word of mouth about her material has hit the market place.  It's been the proverbial snowball rolling down the hill with sales growing drastically from month to month.
I love hearing stories about the power of the internet and social networking.  It's given the "little people" a chance to be heard.  This never would have happened 5 years ago.  Here's a lady who's chasing her dream and through the wonders of social media she's able to follow it without the traditional rejection.  Don't get me wrong, she's had to bust her ass to make all of this happen.  Imagine how many authors similar to her throughout the years that have had to give up on their dream because the had to get a J-O-B.  What a waste.
When I first read this story I started thinking if this was something that I could do.  I love to write but as I find with this blog, I don't always have something interesting to write about.  I struggle to find topics to post about daily and I have to rely on a couple of other websites like Plinky and The Daily Post to help guide me on my way. Coming up with a story line and writing about it for months on end just doesn't sound like one of my strengths.
It just sounds so cool to have a skill such as Ms. Hocking and the tenacity to get the material out in front of so many people.  The other cool part is that it sounds like she's making A LOT of money chasing her passion.  

How cool is that?
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