My One Special Talent You May Not Know About

One special talent I have that most people aren’t aware of is that I’m able to make websites. It may not seem like much of a talent but I’m guessing it’s something the majority of people are not able to do.


I don’t count this site as one of my creations because it’s one of the stock layouts provided by Posterous.  This site was just a place for me to journal and I didn’t want to tie up my time trying to make it look too pretty. It’s a very simple design and it serves its purpose.  

As an aside, these Posterous sites are great for people who want to blog but don’t know where to begin.  You simply compose an email, send it to Posterous, and viola, it’s posted to your blog.  You don’t need any technical know how to get a site up and running.  If you are able to compose an email, you’re qualified to make it happen.  It really is blogging made simple.


I have dabbled around with internet marketing over the past few years and I’ve lost count of how many websites I’ve designed since then.  The first of them was a dating site which is still in existence and there have been many forgettable once since then.  All of them have one thing in common in that they are based on the WordPress platform.  It’s a very easy platform to learn and with enough repetition it becomes second nature.


WordPress is a wonderful platform and very flexible as you get to know it.  There are countless themes you can use to give the site it’s own unique look as well as many different plugins you can use to get the site to do different things behind the scenes. The best part about the majority of those themes and plugins is that they are free.  You can pay for premium options but they aren’t necessary for most sites.

I really can’t get in to too much more about how great WordPress is without coming off as being techy geeky. 

So there you have it, there’s my one secret talent that almost everyone who knows me isn’t aware of.
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