A Debt That Can’t Be Repaid

We all have debts in life that we eventually need to repay. 
I know I'm guilty and it seems like at this stage in my life the bank is hitting me every way: mortgage payments, car payments, Mrs. Mac's student loans, home improvement loans, and tuition payments for the kids.  I know there are additional debts around the corner including three college tuitions (Yikes!).
Come hell or high water (by the way, where exactly does that statement come from?) I know that we will fulfill all of our financial obligations.  I don't really stress about my bills too much.  No matter what our financial situation, we have always managed to pay all of our bills on time and put food on the table.
There is one debt in life that I'm not sure I'll ever be able to repay.  That is the one I owe to my mother who literally has been there for me every single time I've needed her.  Whether it's been physically, emotionally, or financially she's always answered the bell.  If we need help with the kids, Gram's always happy to help out with her grandchildren.


I don't recall a time she's ever let me down and she's been an example of unconditional love.  She'll do what ever it takes to help out her children and it's a model I'm trying to follow with my own children.  Being a parent really is a thankless task and it can be very trying.  I know I could never begin to repay her for all she's ever done for me and there aren't enough words to express my thanks to her.

Thanks for everything Mom!
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