Just Do It

My focus over the next six months is trying to kick the one habit of mine that drives me nuts.  

It's not a vice per se (like smoking or drinking) but it's a personality trait that I just want to get rid of.  I know it's not going to be easy, but I think by doing it I will be able to take control of my life.

I want to become a do-er. 



By that I mean I want to stop being one of those people that sits on the sidelines and watches things go on around them.  I want to be someone that comes up with a plan and implements it immediately.  I have numerous ideas on how to make things a little better financially around the Mac shack, but I never seem to follow through completely.

To put it in a nutshell, I'm lazy.  

I want to make changes to what I'm doing but when push comes to shove I lack the motivation/inspiration/dedication to make it happen.  Instead of getting to work on that idea or task I get caught up in things that aren't productive (web browsing, watching TV, reading) and end up wasting my time. 

I have the same problem with sticking to my workout schedule.  I'll put a nice stretch of time in trying to stick to my regimen and then I'll get lazy and quit for a period of time. 

I do have a short-term goal to focus on over the next 8 weeks; I've got a doctor's appointment at the end of May and I want to make sure he doesn't have a reason to increase my blood pressure medication.  I've been eating healthy over the past three weeks and I've got a somewhat consistent schedule of light exercise in.  I'm hoping to ramp up the exercise a bit more and incorporate some body toning to go with my cardio.

I have a habit of putting things off and I want to change that.  I want to be one of those people that deals with things straight away and then moves onto the next thing. 

Let's see what the upcoming months bring.  It's up to me to make things happen.
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