What’s Your Name?

One skill in life that I’m severely lacking in is the ability to remember names.  I wish there was a way that I could master that skill instantly.

I think it’s really impressive when you first meet someone and they are able to remember your name straight away.  I think when you remember someone’s name that it’s a great way of sharing with that person how important you find them.  What a great social skill.  


I am terrible at it.  It’s something I’ve really tried to work on but it doesn’t seem like I’ve gotten any better at it.

My work offered a Dale Carnegie sales training course last year and one part of the course dealt with how to remember people’s names when you are introduced to them.  The keys listed were to take a moment when the name is told to you and try to absorb what they are telling you, repeat it back to them, and try to use their name each time you address them until it becomes second nature.

One other suggestion was to build a visual image of a person’s name.  Studies show that people remember images much better than they remember spoken words.  For example, if someone was named Mary Fisher, you could create an image of the Virgin Mary fishing by the side of the river.   Once you’ve got the image of the Virgin Mary with a fishing pole, you should always remember that name.

These are all great suggestions, but at this point in time my brain doesn’t seem to be equipped to process all of this information in such a short period of time.  I get panicky when I try to implement some of these best practices and the net result is that I end up forgetting the name.

I would love to try and create a visual image of someone’s name when they introduce themselves to me but it would take me minutes to come up with something.  Multi-tasking is not one of my greatest strengths so I wouldn’t be contributing much to the ensuing conversation as I was trying to come up with a key to remember their name.  That’s also not an endearing social trait.

In my perfect world, we would all wear name tags or at least have our names stitched onto the front of our shirts (like Laverne had the big L on her chest in Laverne and Shirley).


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