My Last Meal

If I was at the point in time where I had to choose my last meal, I would pick something that most people would find quite boring.  I know exactly what I want and it wouldn’t be to difficult for someone to prepare.

I would start out with a simple Blue Cheese Wedge Salad.  I would want that bad boy loaded up with blue cheese.


Next would be a mushroom swiss burger fresh off the grill.  I would like it cooked medium with just a touch of pink.  


For desert I would have a serving of warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream.


To accompany the entire meal, I would like to have a couple of pints of Newcastle Brown Ale.


I wouldn’t say that’s my all-time favorite meal, but if I was left with the choice of one last meal, I’m thinking that is the combo I would come up with.  And let’s be honest, if it was my last meal I’m thinking I most likely wouldn’t stop at just one pint of Newcastle.  It’s not like I’d have to worry about waking up with a hangover, would I?
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