My Recurring Dreams

I'm not sure if this has happened to you or not but I'm one of those people who has the same dream again and again.  In fact, I have two different dreams that happen with somewhat regular frequency (5-10 each per year) and each time I have one of them I wake up slightly freaked out.  Nothing like starting off your day all stressed out, huh?

The first dream is the one where I end up losing one of my front teeth and for whatever reason and I'm not able to get it repaired.  The dream seems to go on forever and I end up getting so stressed out about the whole thing.  I don't see myself as an overly vain person, but I would be horrified if I had to go through life missing one of those front choppers.  I feel terrible for people that have problems with their teeth and just don't have the cash to get it repaired.  I know that each time I wake up from this team I have to talk myself out of it because the dream itself is so vivid.  I usually end up running my tongue across each of my teeth to make sure my teeth are all still there.


In looking the meaning of the dream up online (for what that's worth), the consensus view appears to be that teeth are symbolic of the ability to make decisions, and problems with teeth can be related to indecisiveness. Dreams of losing teeth could mean that one feels they have lost the ability to make decisions, and they may feel that some situation is out of their control, or they are headed in a direction they don't want to go in.

The second recurring dream that plagues me is one in which I'm a college student and I'm preparing to get ready for graduation. This spring marks the 20 year anniversary of my college graduation (yikes I'm getting a little old?).  I haven't taken a course since then but it still seems so real as it occurs.  I'm told shortly before the ceremony that I don't have the necessary credits to graduate.  It's always a general ed or core requirement class, but it doesn't have to do with my major.  It just seems to slip under the radar but somehow manages to bite me in the ass.


How I missed this class varies from one dream to the next, but the feeling of anxiety is the same each time.  I may have registered for the class and never went, I may have taken the class and tested poorly and forgotten to drop the class until it was too late, I may have attended class throughout the entire semester and for whatever reason decided not to take the final, it may have just been an oversite and my advisor and I had simply forgotten to schedule the correct amount of credits, or I may have signed up for the class because it was easy but then I just flat out had forgotten to go.

That anxious feeling is the same each time.  I get this tremendous feeling of failure and embarrassment because my entire family is en route to campus to watch me graduate, and I have to tell them about my failure.  It's the pre cell phone era (1991) and I'm not even able to call them while they're en route so I have this growing feeling of impending dread knowing the disappointment I'm going to see in their faces once I fill them in on what's happening.  I know I would want to kill my son if I was driving a few hours with the excitement of watching him graduate, only to be crushed at the last second with that sort of news.

In taking a look online, I couldn't seem to find a consensus answer to the reasons behind the dream but I did find it's a common one for college graduates.  I would love to know what the dream symbolizes but the most important thing for me is simply knowing once I wake up that I do have my diploma and things are alright.
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