The Biggest Risk I’ve Ever Taken?

Today’s Daily Post topic: Describe the biggest risk you’ve ever taken (and what happened).

Bonus: Describe the biggest risk you considered taking, but didn’t.


If I had one regret in life it’s that I tend to be risk adverse.  As I contemplate this topic, I really can’t come up with a BIG risk I’ve taken.  I am a cautious person by nature and I gravitate towards things that I’m comfortable with and know something about.  I tend to shy away from the great unknown.

I’d like to focus on the biggest risk I’ve considered taking, but haven’t.  It’s always been a goal of mine to work for myself.  I would love to get out of the daily grind of busting my ass and reporting to someone else, who in turn benefits from my efforts.  I think it would be liberating to bust my ass working for myself and know that the fruits of that labor reward me.

I would love to get rid of my commute.  I spend anywhere from 7-10 hours per week driving back and forth to the office.  It adds close to two hours per day to my work day and in my mind it’s just wasted time away from the family.

The big question is how long would it take to replace my current income level?  That’s the biggest sticking point and hence the reason it’s considered such a BIG risk.

I have some things kicking around that I would like to start pursuing but the fear of failure (and loss of income) seem to be holding me back from making that commitment.  I’m not sure what the future holds but it should be interesting.
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