Biggest Secret I Failed to Keep

Today’s Daily Post topic: Write about the biggest secret you failed to keep.

I am know for keeping my mouth shut when someone confides in me.  It drives my wife nuts that I don’t share things with her because someone told me something in confidence. She tries to convince me that when someone tells me something that they expect me to share it with my spouse, if no one else.

I really can’t recall a big secret I let slip (I’m sure there’s quite a few instances), but I did make an error in judgement in how I handled the news of my youngest brother’s death last June.  After we had made all the essential phone calls immediately following his passing, I made a simple Facebook posting to my wall: RIP to my baby brother. I hope you finally find some peace & happiness…1982 – 2010.

I really didn’t consider the far reaching implications of that messages.  Literally within minutes the phone to my mom’s house was ringing off the hook with people trying to find out exactly what happened.  I have always heard about the power of social media but that was the first moment it hit home for me.  People see something posted, they make a few phone calls, and the next thing you know everyone is aware.

I figured it was an easy way for me to let my friends know what was happening so I wouldn’t have to make so many phone calls.  Who knew how viral things could get? I felt terrible for my mom because it added some unneeded stress to what had to be the most overwhelmingly stressful day of her life.  She had made the calls she deemed essential and now she was having to take additional calls from people she wasn’t ready to talk to because of my thoughtless action.

I wanted to slap myself silly but as I always make a point in saying, what’s done is done; you can’t change it once it’s happened.

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