My Favorite Number Is…

Today’s Daily Post topic: What’s your favorite number and why?

Unlike most people who’ve played a lot of sports (notice I didn’t refer to myself as an athlete) I don’t have a favored number that I like to wear. It’s funny but I guess it stems from the fact that the bulk of my playing time has been as a keeper where I never actually had a number on my back. I ran winter and spring track in high school, so again a number was never an issue.

As a younger kid, I never had an attachment to a number.  I would pick a number to emulate an athlete in the sport I was playing that season.  I can remember wearing the number 8 when I was a catcher in little league because that was Bob Boone’s number, I remember wearing the number 6 in basketball because that was Dr. J’s.

Once I got into high school and college I wore quite a few numbers in other sports that I played.  I was number 4 in junior high basketball, I was number 11 my senior year of high school in soccer, and I wore number 6 my freshman year at Lebanon Valley the four or five games I played out in the field before winning the keeper position.

It’s funny, because my kids swear by different numbers.  My son Slick was always number 3 until switching to the number 9 over the past few years.  My daughter Noodle has always been the number 3 and goes out of her way to make sure she gets it.  My son BT is torn between the number 6 (Ryan Howard) and the number 9.  It’s funny how people get those attachments.

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