Finding My Muse

Today’s Daily Post topic: How do you find your muse?

This one is one that hits close to home and it’s most likely the reason I historically haven’t been a more frequent blogger.  I really don’t know how to find my muse.  Sometimes it’s there, sometimes it isn’t.  I’m not sure what brings about the motivation.

Part of the reason this Daily Post challenge was something that interested me was because it forced me to sit down and write something each and every day.  I do enjoy writing, but I can go weeks at a time without finding the urge to create something.  I look at the family blog I write and there’s some good stuff on there, but there’s also huge gaps in time.

I felt this Daily Post process would be perfect because it provides a topic to write about every single day. My hope is that these daily prompts will allow me to explore some areas that I never would have found on my own.  Between the Daily Post challenge and Plinky I should be able to write about a topic every single day.  I like having the option of choosing from the two; it allows me to pick the option I’m most comfortable with that day.  I think back to the haiku post from a couple of days ago.  I never would have come up with that one on my own.

I have the same struggles at work every day.  One of my job responsibilities is to write a daily blurb on my area of expertise which is posted on our web page and there is always at least one day per week that I can’t get motivated to do it.  I don’t know where that block comes from but once it sets itself in place it is really difficult to overcome. Here’s hoping this challenge will allow me to figure out a way to best find that elusive Muse.

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