St. Patty’s Day Traditions?

Today’s topic comes from Plinky: Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

You would think with a middle name of Patrick and an Irish last name that the answer to this would be a slam dunk, but in most cases I don’t go out of the way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Although I have an Irish last name, I don’t really classify myself as being Irish; I’m a U.S. Citizen. If I were a dog, I’d be classified as a mutt.This country truly is a melting pot of nations and my heritage is not an exception. I’ve got German, Italian, and English blood (in equal parts) to go along with the Irish last name.

My memories as a child consisted of a dinner of Corned Beef and cabbage. I do enjoy the taste of corned beef, but that smell of cooked cabbage is something that makes me what to gag. Mrs. Mac has tried to prepare it a couple of times since we’ve been married but it’s just not something that I get real excited about.

During my college years St. Patty’s Day consisted of consuming mass quantities of alcohol from early morning until late into the night. Since we’ve been married, I really don’t recall us going out to celebrate (although we have plans on doing so tonight!). I do make it a point to enjoy a beer or two from the comfort of home, but it really hasn’t been a big event for us.

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