All-Time Favorite Class

Today’s topic: What was your favorite class when you were in high school or college?

This one is easy. My favorite class of all time was German class with Mr. Geissler. He is the teacher I enjoyed having the most during my scholastic career. I enjoyed the class so much in high school I ended up majoring in German throughout college. In retrospect that wasn’t the smartest decision (I’m thinking that a computer degree in 1991 would have been a lot more profitable) but I was really passionate about learning about the subject.

To say Mr. Geissler was out of the ordinary would be a bit of an understatement. When I was in high school (1983-1987), all of the male teachers wore a jacket and tie. Mr. Geissler pushed the envelope, he wore a button up collared shirt, corduroy pants, New Balance sneakers, and the same brown corduroy jacket every day.

His teaching methods were also out of the ordinary. We didn’t have a text book and the lessons were all very free form. He interacted with the class and had a great understanding of high school aged teenagers. The students all tested well above average on standardized tests and it was the one class I looked forward to every single day.

The class was the impetus for the bravest decision I took in my life, going to Germany as an exchange student during the spring of my junior year. The 4-1/2 months abroad in Albstadt-Pfeffingen, Germany were a real eye opener for me and is a memory from life I will never forget. I experienced all sorts of emotions while there (homesickness, independence, a greater appreciation for the importance of family) and I feel I grew a lot during that period of time. Vielen Dank Herr Geissler!

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