Longest I’ve Gone Without Sleep?

For whatever reason there hasn’t been a suggested topic for today so I’ve decided to dip into the Daily Post archives to pull out a previous topic. Today’s post: What’s the longest you’ve been without sleep?

I’m not sure if this is technically the longest I’ve been without sleep but the night that sticks out the most in my memory is the night my oldest son Slick was born. Mrs. Mac was three weeks past her due date and our schedule was filled with daily doctors appointments and ultrasounds to make sure all was well with the baby.

The one downside to the event was we chose Bryn Mawr hospital as the place we wanted to deliver. Without traffic it’s only about a 30 minute ride to the hospital but during rush hour the ride can be over an hour. We were scheduled for an ultrasound at 7:30 am on May 1st, which meant we were up around 5:30 in the morning and out the door by 6:30 to ensure we got down to the doctors in time. Once we got to the doctors they decided that it was a good time to start inducing the labor. From there they applied some sort of gel and sent us home.

We went about the rest of our day from there. I had called out from work because I was under the assumption that the baby was coming in the immediate future. The doctor left us with instructions to check back regularly to keep them informed. Not much went on throughout the day, and the doctor decided to call us back to the hospital around 6:30 pm to further induce labor. We spent about 90 minutes at the hospital at which point they sent us back home.

As we were leaving the hospital, my sister-in-law was just getting admitted and was much further along in her labor than we were. We drove home and spent the next few hours hanging around the house. Around eleven I put my feet up and tried to drift off to sleep but Mrs. Mac was in a lot of discomfort so we hopped back in the car for our third trip of the day down to Bryn Mawr. At this point we were far enough along with the labor that they admitted us into the hospital. Mrs. Mac went through the night with a lot of discomfort but no end result.

As fate would have it, we were in the delivery room right next to my sister in law, who gave birth somewhere around 3 am. I was the first person in the delivery room and got to meet my nephew MW within minutes of his arrival. It was the first time I’d seen a newborn and it was exciting to know that we weren’t too far from experiencing our own joy. Mrs. Mac finally gave birth around 9:15 am, which was approx. 26 hours after she was first induced. We were both exhausted (and I didn’t have to do a damn thing during the whole process), but seeing the miracle of our first born was a huge shot of adrenaline which got us through the next few hours.

At that point in time, family and friends were really limited in when they could visit. Both sets of our parents were able to spend the day with us and Slick, but all of our other friends and relatives weren’t allowed to visit until visiting hours between 7-8:30. We were the first of our friends to have children so we had quite a turnout to see the baby, but it was all I could do to keep my draggin’ ass awake while we had visitors.

As soon as visiting hours were over, I gave my lovely bride and newborn son a kiss and I hopped in the car on the way home. I knew my bed was calling me and I’m really not sure how I made the drive home without falling asleep. I would have been better served napping in a chair in Mrs. Mac’s hospital room.

I remember the Flyers (one of my passions) were playing the Florida Panthers in a playoff game. I listened to the game on my ride home and I pulled into our townhouse early in the 3rd period. I was so friggin’ tired that I walked into the house and plopped straight into bed without any care of how the game ended. For those of you who know me, that behavior is unheard of; turning off a playoff game before it’s conclusion?

It was such a wonderful event and one I will never forget but my body had had enough. It was only 40 hours without sleep but all of the anxiety, uncertainty and emotions of the two days had wiped me out. I woke up the next morning and my body had not moved throughout the course of the night. I was on my back right were I had first laid down.

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