If You Could Bring Just One Fictional Character to Life For a Day…

Today’s topic on the Daily Post is which fictional character would I bring to life for a day.

The first thoughts that I had pop into my head were of characters from books I’ve enjoyed throughout the year. As I gave it a little more thought, I started to think back on many of the movies I’ve also enjoyed. After all, movies are fiction as well, aren’t they? I know I can only grab one, but I think it would be kick ass to spend a day with Bill & Ted from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. If I have to choose one, I guess it would be the young Keanu Reeves as Ted.



This movie most likely won’t go down in the annals of movie history as a classic, but I just loved the entire concept of it. It might have something to do with the fact that I had just turned 19 when the movie was released, and I really having a care in the world. Nothing better than a bunch of “smoked up” high school students traveling through history as a way for prepping for the history test they’ve got little to no shot of passing.

I’m a history buff and I ended up taking history as a minor throughout college. It’s one of the few subjects I thoroughly enjoyed and I could read through the pages of a non-fiction history book as if it was fiction. The idea of being able to hop into the phone booth (yet another outdated item) to travel through time would be fantastic. Talk about a party?  

Traveling with figures such as Napoleon, Billy the Kid, Sigmund Freud, Ludwig van Beethoven, Ghengis Kahn, Joan of Arc, Abe Lincoln, and of course everyone’s favorite Socrates (whom Ted refers to as “So-crates”). The number of questions you could ask the greats of history or just the ability to take in the sights of the time would be awesome.

Let’s not forget, Bill and Ted ultimately form the band “Wyld Stallyns”, whose music ultimately becomes the core of a futuristic Utopian society. The possibilities really are endless with the entire theme. It would truly be a fun bunch of diverse people to hang with. What a day it could be…

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